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Purposely catch your clothing in the escalator at a local mall and fight off anyone who tries to help.
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HappinessThis Valentines Day gift set from Clinique is just too adorable.Thereis so much to learn from the Balinese, as they are a society thathas found cooperative living arrangements very much like we envisionfor our community.
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In all matters, the firm proudly strives to provide legal expertise and personal attention to the needs of its clients.
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Peter Mohan is a highly accomplished writer and producer of more than 400 hours of dramatic television.
In order to facilitate an understanding of the invention it can be indicated in essentially a summary form that the invention concerns the utilization of a means for controlling the pressure of a gas within a housing in a weighing device of an Archimedes' principal type having a float suspended in a liquid within a housing, and having a diaphragm connecting the float with the housing so as to enclose the liquid and a gas and having a means for determining the depth of the float within the liquid.
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They are good up to a month per pair, which makes them ideal for everyday use.